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Jackie Shroff Graces Painting Exhibition of Gautam and Rupali

Jackie Shroff at Painting Exhibition of Gautam and Rupali
Actor Jackie Shroff Graces A Painting Exhibition of master artists Gautam and Rupali Patole to get back to his roots! Jackie Shroff may be very busy with his back to back projects.
But when it comes to his loved ones, Jaggu Dada always stands for them and gives them his full support. Recently Jackie Shroff was invited as the chief guest in a painting exhibition put up by Gautam and Rupali Patole where he came and spent quality time watching works that were made from charcoal and wood signifying the transition of media.
Jaggu Dada said that “I have known Gautam Patole for a long time, he is an amazing charcoal artist and Rupali is an expert in sculpting, painting, and interiors. They also help children and rural artisans through Era. I am here to appreciate their work as I think it is the noblest act of art to teach children in the villages. I would also like to support their decision to plant more and more trees, and ask every citizen to do the same.”
Artists Gautam and Rupali Patole expressed, “We share a family bond with Jaggu Dada. We are very inspired by his work. He supports us a lot. We have set up an art studio in Karjat, called Root Studios, where besides art, we are planting trees as well.”
Actors Rupali Suri and Mihika Kushwaha, celebrated art director Nitin Desai, politician Vinod Tawde, music makers Leslee Lewis and Kavya Jones and philanthropist Dr Aneel Kashi Murarka as well as writer-director Anusha Srinivasan Iyer were present at the exhibition.