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It’s ‘all work & no romance’ for Tanuj Virwani this Valentine’s Day, deets inside

It's 'all work & no romance' for Tanuj Virwani

Tanuj Virwani is someone who has always allowed his work to do the talking on his behalf. He believes in proving his mettle and potential where it matters the most. Given the passion that he has for his work as a performing artiste, there’s absolutely no iota of doubt about the fact that work is actually his top priority all the time. Well, seems like that’s exactly what’s set to happen in his case even on the special occasion of Valentine’s Day. While many might look at it as a bummer, Tanuj, who calls himself a blessed child to have golden opportunities as an artiste in today’s time looks at it in a different manner. On being asked about whether he’s upset about the fact that he’s going to be busy shooting and working on Valentine’s Day this year, the actor shared and we quote,

“Well, not at all. While I understand the importance and essence of celebrating love on that day since it is all about love, I am definitely not upset because I am working that day. I am of that opinion that love is a feeling and emotion that needs to be worked upon daily and that’s why, you need to make your partner feel that happy, proud and special on a regular basis. Besides, having a really understanding and cooperative partner helps and that’s where Tanya, my wife makes my life all the way more beautiful. Some time back, we had a brilliant time together as a family while getting married and after that, we had a beautiful honeymoon together where we were all about each other. While celebrations are important, work also can’t stop or wait for too long and for us, work is always our first priority. Celebrations can wait and can take a backseat for a while and we can always have it going sooner or later. I am someone who thinks that way and I am so glad my partner thinks alike. We will have our celebrations sooner or later but right now, it’s all about work and shooting for me on the 14th and I don’t have any regrets about it.”

Well, kudos to Tanuj for the kind of depth and maturity that he’s showing as an actor in today’s time. Given the fact that he has a spree of big releases coming up this year, such a level of motivation only oozes positive vibes like never before. Here’s wishing him good luck and success for everything he does going forward. Stay tuned for more updates.