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“It was so amazing to meet a legend like Ruskin Bond with my children”: Deepshikha Deshmukh

Deepshikha Deshmukh children

The producer was shooting in Mussoorie and had an “extremely delightful conversation” with the author at his residence

Producer Deepshikha Deshmukh is a voracious reader and is currently ideating and developing a book bank for the children in Latur. She is also particular about inculcating the habit of reading in her two children. Recently, when she was shooting in the hilly climes of Mussoorie, she made it a point to visit Landour where the iconic author Ruskin Bond resides.

She says, “I took my children with me on this trip and we were truly fortunate to meet the legend at his home and have an extremely delightful conversation with him. He was so gracious and warm and even signed copies of ‘The Room on the Roof’ for the kids. He asked them what they were reading and this is one amazing encounter that we as a family will always cherish.”

The producer also posted the following note on her social media, “What an honour and a privilege to meet the one and only Ruskin Bond; the legend whose stories animated my childhood, sparked my imagination and kindled my love for forests, mountains and all creatures, big and small. And to have his beautiful book, ‘The Room on the Roof’ autographed by him. It was such a joy to visit his home and to see him interact with my children who are discovering his magical fiction just as I did all those years ago. He even told the kids, “Thank you for bringing all the sunshine with you!” The one line that stayed with me long after we left his home is, “Kids must-read but should not be forced as that would put them off books forever.” Another favourite Ruskin Bond quote is, “And when all the wars are over, a butterfly will still be beautiful.” This to me encapsulates everything there is to know about life. What persists, in the end, is beauty. So let us create more of it, within and without. And thank you sir for all the magic and the innocence that you continue to bring to our world.”