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Ishwak Singh had to train rigorously to shoot an intense underwater scene in Adhura

Ishwak Singh in Adhura

Actor Ishwak Singh, known for his exceptional performances in series such as “Paatal Lok” and the lead role in “Rocket Boys 2,” is set to captivate audiences once again in Amazon Prime Video’s highly anticipated horror genre series, “Adhura.” The gripping show will mark Amazon Prime Video’s first foray into the horror genre in India.

In “Adhura,” Ishwak Singh will share the screen with the talented Rasika Dugal, and together they will unravel a bone-chilling tale set in a secluded boarding school nestled in the hills. The series delves into the deepest secrets that haunt the school, shaking its very foundation and leaving everyone associated with it in a state of terror.

Preparations for “Adhura” demanded immense dedication from Ishwak, who underwent intense training to bring authenticity to his role. Notably, the versatile actor dedicated himself to mastering an intense underwater sequence, a pivotal moment in the series. The scene required Ishwak to be dragged into the depths of a pool, creating a sense of dread and suspense.

To achieve the desired level of realism, Ishwak Singh spent over four grueling hours in the icy cold water, demonstrating his commitment to his craft. During this challenging shoot, he immersed himself in the character, lending an authentic touch to the gripping scene. Prior to filming, Ishwak received specialized training and swim lessons from a seasoned expert, ensuring he was fully prepared for the demanding underwater sequence.

Speaking about his experience, Ishwak Singh expressed, “Working on ‘Adhura’ has been an incredibly thrilling journey for me. The script is gripping, and the character I portray presents unique challenges. The underwater sequence was particularly demanding, but I was determined to give my best. I received exceptional guidance and training, which helped me execute the scene with conviction. I am excited to share this spine-chilling series with the audience.”