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Ishq Tanha, a heart-break song catches on with the listeners

Ishq Tanha a heart-break song

The best way to cope with heart-break is through music. The latest song on heart-break that has been trending within a week of its release is Ishq Tanha. Produced under ‘Indie Music Label’ and featuring Arjun Bijlani, Reem S. Shaikh, Nakul Tiwadi, this melancholic song has been written, composed and sung by Siddharth Amit Bhavsar. His track is the kind of music that people turn to when trying to process a void, created by the exit of someone close. That’s perhaps why Ishq Tanha continues to enjoy a growing listenership. Not to mention, it is a sentimental yet soulful track that touches upon differences that lead people to grow apart.

Siddharth Amit Bhavsar says, “I am grateful to the listeners who showered this song with love. A big thanks to everyone at the record label who offered me the canvas that went a long way in composing this song and to Arjun Bijlani, who enlivened it with his star presence.”

Gaurav Chawla, Line Producer at Indie Music Label says, “The song depicts how we muse after a heart-break and falling out of love. The most interesting thing about the narrative of its music video is that it captures what both the spouses go through while separating. Siddharth Amit Bhavsar has perfectly subsumed the range of emotions two estranged lovers experience through his music and penmanship.”

Delighted at the growing popularity of the song, actor Arjun Bijlani says, “When I heard Ishq Tanha the first time, I had a feeling that listeners will love it. I thank the record label for having me feature in the song and I am super happy about the great response. Working with Gaurav (Line Producer) was a great experience and I’m glad that our collaboration has resulted in a song that people loved. We share a great work partnership that goes back to our years of friendship. Kudos to Siddharth Amit Bhavsar for pulling off the colossal task of creating this soothing track.”