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Internet Sensation Poonam Pandey Succumbs to Cervical Cancer

Poonam Pandey Succumbs to Cervical Cancer

The actress mourned nationally as she surrendered to the disease recently.

Poonam Pandey, the beloved actress and social media personality, tragically passed away this morning due to Cervical Cancer, leaving the entertainment industry in shock and mourning. The 32-year-old, renowned for her modeling and strong social media presence, bravely fought against the disease before passing away.

Nikita Sharma, Poonam’s manager, shared the heartbreaking news: “Poonam Pandey was not only a luminary in the film industry, but she was also a beacon of strength and resilience.”

Speaking to Hauterrfly, the actress’ manager said, “Her unwavering spirit amidst her health struggles was truly remarkable.”

As we come to terms with the tragic loss, her passing compels us all to recognize the critical need for increased awareness and proactive measures against preventable diseases like Cervical Cancer.

Poonam Pandey is a multifaceted personality, known not only for her work in the entertainment industry but also for her vibrant presence on social media platforms. Her journey as a model and actress captivated audiences, showcasing her talent and charisma on screen. Her philanthropic endeavors have left an indelible mark on the hearts of many.