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“I was attracted to my character in ‘Bombed’ because he is neither good nor bad,” says Aseem Hattangadi

The actor plays a maverick cop in the Zee Theatre teleplay which has been directed by Akarsh Khurana_

Aseem Hattangadi was born in a home steeped in the arts, with both his parents, Rohini and Jayadev Hattangadi active in cinema and theatre. As a child, Aseem did a lot of  backstage work and later started his theatre journey with Naseeruddin Shah in 2009. He has also made a mark in OTT shows like ‘Scoop’, ‘Decoupled’ and  films including   ‘Ugly’, ‘Rashmi Rocket’ and ‘Govinda Naam Mera’. The FTII alumnus continues to act on stage as well and recalls, “My father gave me my first role in Badal Sircar’s ‘Evam Indrajit.’ After he passed away, I got a chance to work with Naseeruddin Shah and then so many opportunities to work with veterans like Makrand Deshpande, Manav Kaul and Akarsh followed.”
About working in the Zee Theatre teleplay ‘Bombed,’ he says, ” I have been a regular collaborator with director Akarsh and Akvarious Productions and so when I was offered ‘Bombed’, I said ‘yes’ even before listening to the story. When I eventually read it, I found my character to be extremely interesting. I didn’t think of him as the villain of ‘Bombed,’ but rather as a  character with his own convictions, goals and aspirations. He’s not a good guy; he’s not a bad guy. He is somewhere in between. That was what attracted me the most.”

In ‘Bombed’ Aseem plays an Anti-Terrorism Squad Inspector Sudarshan Damle who aggressively disrupts the life of Zameer, a young aimless man living on rent in Bandra, who spends his life  gaming on his PS3, playing cards with his landlady Fiona and discussing popular culture with his neighbour Yogi. 

Aseem has also worked with Akarsh in Zee Theatre’s teleplay  ‘Yeh Shaadi Nahi Ho Sakti,’ and  the film ‘Rashmi Rocket,’  and he says, “Akarsh is an absolute joy to work with. I’ve known him since 2009 and he’s not just my director but also  my brother and a great friend.”
Aseem also enjoyed being a part of the ensemble cast in ‘Bombed’ and says, “It’s great fun to work with an ensemble because each and every actor brings on board their unique  interpretation of the material. It creates a beautiful collage of different personalities.”

‘Bombed’ also stars Amey Wagh,  Chaitnya Sharma, Lucky Vakharia, Prerna Chawla and Siddharth Kumar. It can be watched on 28th May on  Dish TV Rangmanch Active, D2H Rangmanch Active and Airtel Spotlight.