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Hindi film Aa Bhi Ja O Piya releasing on 7th October

Aa Bhi Ja O Piya release


Banner – Johar Entertainment, Hazaribagh.

One Liner
“Seeds of love planted in the heart do sprout – irrespective of circumstances”

Story Brief

City educated Kaushal resides with his parents in a remote picturesque Jharkhand village. Converting his passion for Bonsai plantation into a profession, he has his own Nursery. Kalpana, a city girl from an army family, is on a research tour with her mother and driver. Their car meets an accident in a storm. Kaushal rescues and brings them home. Circumstances force them to extend their stay at the village. For the first time Kalpana experiences village life and is exhilarated. Natural beauty of the surroundings and the dignity and simplicity of village culture leave her awestruck.

Assisting in her research, Kaushal shows her interesting historical and natural locales. In the process, the extremely handsome but lovesick Kaushal gets to interact closely with the very attractive, courteous and caring Kalpana. With graceful urban manners she is different from anyone else in the village. Feelings develop between the youngsters but they are unable to express. Kalpana returns to the city. Kaushal is forlorn. They both have trouble adapting to regular lives. Only with separation they realise that the strange feelings sprouted during the short interaction was love. It seems destiny had it all planned. But practical circumstances force them to rethink – are they actually made for each other?

Kalpana is engaged to Karan, a businessman’s son. Her father is a very strict Army Major. Even a hint about her feelings towards Kaushal will spur him to violent reaction. There is no communication between Kaushal and Kalpana even as they yearn for each other. In such circumstances, do they get to unite?
Does their story have a happy ending?

Length – 1 Hour 52 Minutes

PRODUCER: Binay Mehta , Umesh Rana , Shambhu Mehta and Anand Mathur.


Director – Rajesh Harivansh Mishra

Director of Photography – Late Sanjay Khanzode

Writer – S K Sachin

Music – Ashutosh Singh

Editor – Archit Rastogi

Audio Engineer – Sethuraman

Dev Sharma as Kaushal
Smriti Kashyap as Kalpana
Sanjeev Dasgupta as Kaushal’s Father
Seema Modi as Kaushal’s Mother
Pooja Ghosh as Kalpana’s Mother
Abhijeet Lahiri as Dadaji
Mukul Nag as Balwant Singh
Anurag Mishra as Karan
Rakesh Srivastav as Driver
Richa Kalra as Ghata
Shish Khan as Kali

Location – Jharkhand .

Music – Upmarket, Multi Genre, Youthful chartbusters.

Sonu Nigam,
Palak Muchhal,
Rahul Pandey,
Deepali Sahay,
Keka Ghoshal,
Sunetra Banerjee,
Megha Sriram Dalton

Song List:
1. DILRUBA – Singer: Rahul Pandey. Lyrics: S K Sachin
2. DIL MEIN THEE – Singer: Sonu Nigam. Lyrics: Ashutosh Singh
3. HAMSE MILO – Singer: Palak Muchhal. Lyrics: Ashutosh Singh
4. AA BHI JA O PIYA – Singers: Deepali Sahay & Hitesh Kumar. Lyrics: Amit Deep Sharma
5. TOH KAA HOGA – Singer: Keka Ghoshal. Lyrics: Vinod Dubey
6. SHIV TANDAV (Background song / no video) – Singers: Deepali Sahay & Sunetra Banerjee

Media Planner – Dwapar Promoters
Distributor – K Sera Sera Box Office .