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Here’s Why Amitabh Bachchan ,Anand Pandit and Akshay Kumar Deserve Kudos

'Chehre' in theatres

These Producers took a risk by releasing films in theatres when most halls are still shut

Filmmaking is a risky and rewarding business at the same time and no one knows that better than the passionate producers who finance film projects. At a time when most states still have the shutters down on theatres including the biggest box office generator – Maharashtra; Akshay Kumar with Bellbottom and Anand Pandit and Amitabh Bachchan with Chehre decided to release their big budget films in theatres. These producers knew fully well that the move could go either ways.

Veteran producer Anand Pandit says, “Cinema is a passion. The past year has been a challenging one. The whole world has suffered losses and so has the film industry. But we felt that we must find the silver lining. Hope is eternal and we must infuse that feeling so that the industry rises together like the proverbial phoenix.”

Be it the release of the espionage thriller ‘Bellbottom’ or the Amitabh Bachchan edge-of-the-seat suspense drama ‘Chehre’, audiences and the industry is welcoming this move with anticipation and excitement.

Film trade is seeing the sentiment picking up and this is likely to encourage many to follow suit. Kudos to these producers for taking a leap of faith to propel others to follow.