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Former International Model Badal Bodh is all set to make his acting debut

Model Badal Bodh acting debut

Former supermodel Badal Bodh, who has been the face of several popular commercial brands, is all set to foray into the world of acting.

He is currently in talks with several production houses for TV shows as well as films. He will also be turning a producer soon.

Bodh, who has worked with several well-known brands, took a break from modelling to focus on his Industrial HEMP business as well as his modelling agency ‘Ribarid Talents & Production’. He was one of the first faces of Nivea Body Care in India. He was also seen in marketing campaigns for Lay’s chips. He is also planning to make a comeback in the fashion circuit.

He says, “Things have been delayed due to lockdown but I’m definitely going to make my acting debut soon. I am currently in talks with a few producers so I cannot reveal the details yet. But I’m definitely excited for my debut. In fact, I’m also planning to produce a few projects. So I’m really looking forward to it.”

Meanwhile, Badal is sponsoring prizes for Content King Short Film Awards 2020 as he likes to promote fresh talent. “I want to promote youngster and new talent so I never miss an opportunity to help them. I really proud to be a part of this award show as it promotes fresh talent from the industry,” he adds.

Talking about his physique, he says that the secret behind his confidence has been to maintain a healthy lifestyle with the help of a plant-based diet.

“I’ve been working hard on my physique daily. I am working really hard to get back in shape as before. I’ve also been watching my diet. It’s all about eating right as well as working out. I’ve found that if your workout doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you. I know I need to get uncomfortable and push my limit. There is no “easy pass” to getting toned and fit. You need to put in the work,” he adds.