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Fly in a helicopter with Janhvi Kapoor by donating to a great cause on Fankind!

Fly in a helicopter with Janhvi Kapoor with Fankind

After Alia Bhatt’s successful interaction with her fan, Fankind, an online fundraising platform founded by Anshula Kapoor has announced their latest campaign and is all set to capture Janhvi Kapoor’s die-hard fan moments via Fankind.

With Janhvi, her fans have a one of a kind fun & thrilling opportunity to go on a private VIP helicopter ride with her over the skies of Mumbai! Surely, this once in a lifetime opportunity is set to be a treat for the fans and should not be missed!

Through Fankind, Janhvi is helping raise money for Saath Charitable Trust for school supplies needed for the education of underprivileged children in Ahmedabad.

Talking about this campaign, Janhvi said, “I am really proud of my sister for creating this platform that allows us to connect with our fans and make wonderful memories with them but also helps us raise money for organizations that we believe in. Through this, I have had the opportunity to help raise funds for the Saath Foundation that helps in the education of underprivileged kids. Also, I get to go on a helicopter ride with whoever the lucky fan is. I am extremely excited about this experience because I have spent a lot of time on the helicopter. I think it’s one of the most fun things that I have ever had the privilege to experience and I can’t wait to share with my fan.”

Fankind gives a chance for fans to connect with their favourite celebrities through uniquely curated experiences while helping raise funds for various charities across India. From taking care of their travel and stay arrangements to providing the once in a lifetime experience promised with the celebrity, Fankind ensures that it is a day that the fan will cherish forever.

Log onto to participate and raise funds for this great cause!

About Fankind: is an online fundraising platform that brings fans, celebrities & charities together to create magical memories while working towards a greater cause. Founded by Anshula Kapoor, Fankind curates one of a kind celebrity-related experiences for fans while encouraging them to support by raising funds for social causes. The winner and one guest of the winner are flown into Mumbai for a day by Fankind to fulfill the celebrity experience and are treated like a VIP.

About Saath Charitable Trust:

Saath was founded in Ahmedabad in 1989 to empower slums and vulnerable neighborhoods to become self-sustained. Balghars are preschools for underprivileged children between the ages of 3-5, providing them with a nurturing and educational environment to study ahead. Children from urban slums lack access to an appropriate environment that prepares them for school learning. At Saath’s balghars, the curriculum is designed by child psychologists with the assistance of teachers and experts. These teachers also visit the homes of the students to understand the background of the child and update parents on their progress. Saath has 7 Balghars in Juhapura area of Ahmedabad. Since 2004, 2,226 children have passed through Balghars and after passing have been enrolled in formal schools