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Embark on a Spiritual Journey with ‘The Legacy of Jineshwar’ –Trailer shows A Cinematic Triumph of Jain Tradition

The wait is finally over as the much-anticipated trailer of ‘The Legacy of Jineshwar’ is unveiled, the event took place at Cinepolis, Mumbai in presence of Producer Abhishek Maloo, Project Head Vivek Kulshrestha, Actor Surendra Pal and many others, promising an extraordinary cinematic experience that delves deep into the heart of Jainism. Set to release on the auspicious occasion of Mahavir Jayanti, April 19, 2024, this film transcends mere entertainment to offer enlightenment and inspiration to audiences worldwide.

After overcoming unforeseen obstacles, the film is ready to grace the silver screen, marking a triumph of truth and resilience. With the blessings of present Khartargachacharya Shri Jin Piyush Sagar Surishwar Ji and in association with the Khartargacha Sehstrabdi Mahotsav Samiti, producer Abhishek Maloo assures viewers of an unparalleled cinematic experience.

‘The Legacy of Jineshwar’ promises to unveil the untold story of Jain tradition, highlighting the significant teachings of Lord Mahaveer and the spiritual legacy of the Tirthankara. Audiences will witness the journey from King Rishabh Dev to Lord Mahavir, as well as the establishment of Khatargachh (a sect in Jainism ) presented in an intriguing narrative format.

Under the visionary guidance of project director Vivek Sudhindra Kulshrestha, and helmed by directors Pradeep P. Jadhav and Vivek Iyer, the film brings to life the essence of Jainism with authenticity and reverence. Renowned writer and lyricist Prashant Beybaar, along with composers Vivian Richard and Vipin Patwa, infuse the film with soulful music that not only entertains but also inspires.

With Padma Shri Kailash Kher, Javed Ali, and Divya Kumar lending their voices to the melodic compositions, audiences can expect to be captivated by the film’s powerful soundtrack.

The team behind ‘The Legacy of Jineshwar’ invites viewers to join them in cinemas on April 19, 2024, to witness this historic moment and immerse themselves in the rich tapestry of Jain tradition. Don’t miss the opportunity to embark on a spiritual journey that transcends time and space.