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Directed By MG, ‘Aati Hai Toh Welcome’ Song Features Aadil Khan and Noorin Sha

Aati Hai Toh Welcome

Mehul Gadani, popularly known with his acronym name MG, has spent over two decades in Hindi entertainment industry. MG is a very well known dance choreographer and as a director has many music videos to his credit. Now he has directed a new music video titled ‘Aati Hai Toh Welcome’ which has been beautifully sung by versatile singer Shaan.

MG is ecstatic to not only choreograph the song but he has also directed the music video in his own unique style. Interestingly, MG had choreographed more than 300 songs in over than 100 films and has worked with biggest stars in Bollywood. According to IMDB, till now MG has directed more than 80 music videos too.

Sung by Shaan ‘Aati Hai Toh Welcome’ features Aadil Khan and Noorin Shah as lead actors. Both are not only popular social media influencers but they are also known as great dancers who have good hold on youth.

Talking about working with Aadil Khan and Noorin Shah in the music video MG said, “Their energy is infectious and they both are fun to work with. I am sure that their sizzling chemistry will be loved by one and all. I would love to work with them again.”

The song ‘Aati Hai Toh Welcome’ has some quirky lyrics in which the boy snaps ties with the girlfriend as she pushes him towards the edge and then expresses himself in his own inimitable style. The song has a very catchy tune and has a great recall value too. It will be released on Shaan Music label soon