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Dilnoor collaborates with B Praak for a heartbreaking track

Dilnoor B Praak song

Punjabi singer ‘Dilnoor’, who has given back-to-back hits in his career, is super excited about his recently released song ‘Koi Hor’, made in collaboration with musician B Praak and the song is an official launch of Dilnoor by music label Pellet Drum Productions.

The song is already out and features popular faces like Sara Gurpal and Kashish Chopra. Penned by the very talented Gurnazar Chatta, ‘Koi Hor’ tells the story of a girl who is expecting her lover to come and confess his wrongdoings before it’s conveyed by a third person and before it’s too late.

Talking about the much-awaited collaboration with the legend himself B Praak, Dilnoor said, “I have known B Praak for a very long time. He has been my source of inspiration. I spend more than half of my day with him and seeing him create masterpieces has always given me joy. So, when I got the opportunity to work with him on ‘Koi Hor’, I was happy beyond words. It was one of my best experiences. And now, I hope that people love this song as much as they have loved his previous work.”

“As far as this track is concerned, it’s beautiful yet heartbreaking,” he further stated, adding “It’s a song that everybody can relate to. It talks about how we expect our loved ones to be honest with us. Moreover, Akash and Guri paji have done a fabulous job in mixing and mastering the track.”

The female part of the song is sung by none other than Afsana Khan. Appreciating her, Dilnoor said, “Nobody other than Afsana could have sung this song better. She is terrific.”

B Praak was also seen appreciating Dilnoor during a live event. While revealing the release date of ‘Koi Hor’, Praak said, “Song is out now and all of you are going to love it. I have given the music and Dilnoor has sung it. He is a great singer and is very confident in his approach. His confidence will bring him immense success in future. Besides, his voice is very soulful and will touch your hearts ”

‘Koi Hor’ was shot in the beautiful locations of Shimla.