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Digital star and content creator Adnaan Shaikh’s birthday and launch of his NGO “Pure Deeds*

Adnaan Shaikh's birthday and launch of his NGO “Pure Deeds

A celebration with underprivileged children of Pure Deeds NGO to help the needy incase of medical emergency, academical help, food, clothes and shelter*

Taking time from the glamour and glitz, Adnaan Shaikh established an NGO “Pure Deeds” to address various social cause. With the launch of his NGO he wished to fulfill his social responsibility and address issues related to poverty, education, water, environment, women, youth and children. Adnaan who is looked upon as a role model by many is closely involved by governmental and non-governmental efforts to send out strong social messages to the masses.

Awed by his initiative, celebrities from all walks of life joined him. To name a few were
Faisal Shaikh, Shadan Farooqui, Hasnain Khan, Faiz Baloch ,
Ali Mercchant, Sana Makbul,
Baseer Ali, Aashika Bhatia,
Riva Arora, Eshan Masih, Amir Siddique and many more.

He also took the stage to call out for support for Pure Deeds, to join hands and make world a better place. He is of the opinion that people who are privileged and blessed with a comfortable life should lend a helping hand to those who are deprived of even basic needs. Adnaan even expressed his deep concern towards the less fortunate, he said that the least they deserve is good, nutritious food, especially the growing kids.

“I am over the moon to tell you that on the 7th of this month, I launched my first ever NGO, Pure Deeds. Pure Deeds is my first step to brining a ray of light and hope in those who don’t believe that the sun rises for them” says Adnaan

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