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Dalljiet Kaur invites fans to be her cheerleaders

Dalljiet Kaur invites fans to be her cheerleaders

The television actor is on a weightloss journey and wants followers to motivate her

Television actor Dalljiet Kaur, best known for her role in ‘Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega’, has been posting upbeat videos on her Instagram account all through 2020, even sharing her paintings to keep fans entertained and engaged during the lockdown. Now she wants her fans to come to her rescue as she embarks on a weightloss journey and seeks fitness tips and motivation from them.

She has also chosen myFanPark to not just stay connected with her fans but to send them personalised messages. She says, “It is lovely to be able  to expand my family of well-wishers and fans and reciprocate some of their warmth. Usually, in the stream of responses from fans, it is hard to register too many details about every one who reaches out but because of myFanPark, I know so many special things about fans. Their personalities , passions and so much more. It is so rewarding to connect with them on a personal basis and to make someone’s day.”

Thanks to a  new merger between celebrity engagement company myFanPark and Silicon Valley-based, Starsona Inc, fans can connect not just with Indian stars like Dalljiet but influencers and celebrities from all over the world. From actor and singer, Star Jackson, award-winning hip-hop artist Gigi LaMayne,  Tik Tok star Delaney Brown , German football legend, Roman Weidenfeller, former American football cornerback in the National Football League (NFL), Roland “Champ” Bailey Jr., South African Springbok, Faf de Klerk, Meet Bros to Robin Uthappa , the list of  names that  fans can reach out to is inexhaustible.

About myFanPark

Launched in 2019, myFanPark is a fan-celebrity engagement platform that is reimagining how talent and brands inspire, motivate, uplift and delight audiences through highly personalised and authentic interactions. MyFanPark India is a joint venture between Boss Entertainment Private Limited and MyFanPark PTE Ltd.