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Culinary World Mourns the Loss of Padma Shri chef Imtiaz Qureshi: A Maestro of Dum Pukht Cooking

Culinary World Mourns the Loss of Padma Shri chef Imtiaz Qureshi

The culinary community is in mourning as news of the passing of Padma Shri Imtiaz Qureshi, the esteemed master of the Dum Pukht cooking technique, reverberates around the globe. At the age of 93, Imtiaz Qureshi bids farewell, leaving behind a legacy that has forever altered the landscape of Indian gastronomy.

Imtiaz Qureshi’s name became synonymous with culinary excellence, particularly for his unparalleled expertise in the art of Dum Pukht cooking. This slow-cooking method, originating from the royal kitchens of Awadh, involves sealing ingredients in a pot and allowing them to simmer over low heat, resulting in dishes of unparalleled depth and flavor.

“Imtiaz Qureshi was a culinary visionary whose influence extended far beyond the confines of the kitchen,” reflects Rhythm Wagholikar, a gastronomic writer and graduate of Hospitality, who shares a profound admiration for Qureshi’s culinary prowess. “His dedication to preserving the heritage of Indian cuisine and his mastery of the Dum Pukht technique have left an indelible mark on chefs and food enthusiasts worldwide.”

Born into a family with a rich culinary lineage, Imtiaz Qureshi’s journey into the world of cooking began at an early age. However, it was his encounter with the Dum Pukht technique that propelled him into culinary stardom. With an unwavering commitment to perfection and an innate understanding of spices, Qureshi elevated Dum Pukht from a traditional cooking method to a refined culinary art form.

“Imtiaz Qureshi’s approach to cooking was as much about preserving tradition as it was about innovation,” notes Rhythm Wagholikar. “His ability to coax out the subtlest flavors from simple ingredients was nothing short of extraordinary.”

Throughout his illustrious career, Imtiaz Qureshi garnered widespread acclaim and numerous accolades, including the prestigious Padma Shri award, bestowed upon him in recognition of his invaluable contributions to the culinary world. Yet, for Qureshi, the true measure of success lay not in awards but in the joy his creations brought to others.

“As someone who shares a passion for both cooking and writing about food, Imtiaz Qureshi’s legacy has always been a source of inspiration for me,” adds Rhythm. “His commitment to excellence and his unwavering passion for culinary arts will continue to inspire generations of chefs and food enthusiasts.”

Imtiaz Qureshi’s passing leaves a palpable void in the culinary world, but his legacy will endure through the flavors and traditions he so meticulously preserved and celebrated. As we bid farewell to a true luminary, let us honor and celebrate the life and achievements of Padma Shri Imtiaz Qureshi, whose culinary genius will forever be remembered and cherished.