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Congratulations Joju George!!! On Joju’s birthday, the motion poster of the film ‘Pani’ directed by Joju is out…..

the motion poster of the film 'Pani' directed by Joju

Celebrating a remarkable journey of 24 years marked by unwavering dedication and unyielding perseverance,
His pivotal breakthrough arrived with the resounding success of “Joseph,” where he assumed a leading role, thus catalyzing an irreversible transformation in his trajectory. The pinnacle of his on-screen prowess was epitomized by the cult classic “Porinju Mariyam Jose,” which enshrined him as a cult hero, and “Joseph” garnered further accolades with a Special Jury Mention by the National Award committee. Joju competed for the national award till the last moment. He will be
Diversifying his repertoire, “Chola” resonated globally, securing laurels at esteemed events including the Venice International Film Festival – Orizonti Competition, Geneva International Film Festival – International Feature Competition, and Tokyo Filmex – International Competition.
In his continued journey, Joju George struck chords of success with hits such as “Halal Love Story,” “Ramante Edanthottam,” “Lukka Chuppi,” and “Thuramukham,” not to mention his impactful supporting roles in movies like “June” and “Action Hero Biju.”
A man of indefatigable commitment, Joju George poured his heart and soul into his craft, reaping the ultimate validation an actor can attain – a testament to his enduring dedication and remarkable contributions to the world of cinema.

This time he has come before the audience with the biggest work of his career as a director. ‘Pani’ is Joju George’s first writing and directing film. The film’s motion poster was released by the crew on Joju’s birthday. The film tells the story of two gangsters in the city of Thrissur. Joju himself plays the central character in the film. Abhinaya, the heroine of the hit film Marc Anthony, is also the heroine of this film. The film, which is in progress of shooting, is being produced by M Riaz Adam and Sijo Vadkan under the banner of Joju’s production company Appu Pathu Pappu Productions and AD Studios.

Apart from Joju & Abhinaya, Seema, Chandni Sreedharan, Abhaya Hiranmayi, Sona Maria Abraham, Merlot Ann Thomas, Lanka Lakshmi, Sarah Rose Joseph, Babu Namboothiri, Prashanth Alexander, Sujith Shankar, Ranjith Velayudhan, Bito Davis, Rinosh George, Ian & Ivan, Anbu , Ramesh Girija, Donnie Johnson, Bobby Kurian and Bigg Boss fame stars Sagar & Junais are other important actors in the film. Famous director Venu is handling the cinematography of the film and Manu Antony is handling the editing of the film. Music by Vishnu Vijaya.

Sound Design & Sync Sound: Ajay Adatt, Production Designing: Santhosh Raman, Creative Producer: Jayan Nambiar, Mix: MR Radhakrishnan, Makeup: MG Roshan, Sameer Sham, Costume: Sameera Saneesh, Production Controller: Deepak Parameswaran, Stunt: Dinesh Subrayan, Choreography: Sandhya Master, Shijith, Parvathy Menon. Chief Associate Director: Anil Mathew, Associate Director: Ratheesh Pillai, Zafar Sanal, Nishad Hassan. Distribution: Anto Joseph Film Company. Co-Production: Varki George, Executive Producer: Agnivesh Ranjith, Marketing: Obscura, VFX: Luma FX, Promo Graphics: Sarath Vinu, Stills: Anoop Chacko, Designs: Oldmonks.