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City livens up with a starry presence for the press conference of first ever initiated WCCL (Women Celebrity Cricket League) 2022 from 14-16th October!

Women Celebrity Cricket League 2022

Catch actors in real action with the first-ever initiated WCCL (Women Celebrity Cricket League) 2022 from 14-16th October

Six(6) teams, 66 female celebrity players, 15 matches and a Broadcast of the Entertainment world’s biggest and first ever extravaganza for a cause— a starry press conference today in the city kickstarts the celebration.

The star-studded press conference saw the presence of Shefali Bagga, Mansi Srivastav, Chitrashi Rawat, Mreenal Deshraj, Palak Purswani, Sanaya Pithawalla, Priya Singh, Jaswir Kaur, Vandana Lalwani, Shruti Panwar, Leena Jumani, Nahalaxmi Iyer, Heena Panchal, Sangeeta, Kapure, Kajal Chohan alongside the spokespeople Pushpa Gupta, Bhanujeet Singh Sudan, Jigar Shah, Arun Tyagi & Arun Tiwary. Announcing the league in October, the practice sessions will be held in September. Six teams will be playing the tournament and sports like Tennis, Ball, Turf, Crickets would be the game highlights.

Spokesperson Pushpa Gupta of the league iterates, “After the pandemic, the world needs more motivation and enthusiasm. WCCL (Women Celebrity Cricket League) is our initiative to empower more talent and we are very excited”. Adding to Ms.Gupta, Bhanujeet Singh Sudan also resonates the view and was quoted saying, “This league is driven by Artists & Talent, for Artists & Talent and for Humanity”.

“The immense support we have received from the industry only makes us believe that WCCL (Women Celebrity Cricket League) 2022 is just the beginning and from here, it will only grow bigger with every year”, shares Bhanujeet Singh Sudan & Ms.Gupta. “Absolutely, the world has seen a lot in the past two years, we need motivation, sportsmanship, more support for humanity for the future generations of talent and WCCL will take us closer to our goals”., shares Arun Tiwary.

“For the first time in the history of Entertainment industry we shall witness a womens celebrity cricket league filled with so much fun, excitement & passion.. Its also an intiative to bring the industry closer and to increase the bond between each one of us which is the need of the hour to combat the tough times to come ahead!”, Jigar Shah.

At the conference, Chitrashi Rawat, who played the fierce Komal Chautala in Chak De! India and others share, “It is a great platform for young and dynamic women. I am elated and honoured to be a part of first ever WCCL (Women Celebrity Cricket League), supporting talent empowerment. Although we have played many games in the reel world on-screen, it will be the first time actresses close to your heart will be in action in the field as well. The exciting is brimming and we can’t wait to display the best sportsmanship for our fans and audience.”

Prominent TV personality and actress Jaswir Kaur also expressed, “It is so fulfilling to see the world & the industry come back to normalcy. WCCL 2022 sets the right platform for the industry and its talent. I am looking forward to the clash of the titans with all the 6 teams!”

Stay tuned for more updates on WCCL (Women Celebrity Cricket League) as it has been Launched today 6th August 2022 and the Tournament starts on 14th -16th October, 2022.