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Cinema4Screen, a New breed in Town


We all get fascinated by the word CINEMA. Many young dreams are made out of filmy incidents. The influence of Cinema is tremendous in millions of Indian hearts. Most of the times big cities fail to dreamless of creativity but more of business. These cities bind us in the continuous whirl of the struggle for livelihood. But small towns are the ones that never cease to dreaming and find ways to the big cities to see their dreams become real. But in the spiral whirl of big cities very few could make it. Some leave their dreams halfway through and some others create news dreams totally different from what is preconceived. Dreaming of cinema and dreaming about cinema are like those innocent dreams of small-town young hearts.

A lot of courage, trust, enthusiasm, honesty, knowledge, hard work required in the journey of being with cinema. There is also a wide gap between people who can easily access to film schools, film festivals, film discussions and those who keep searching to achieve such platforms. In many instances, real talents from interior parts of our country could hardly get their potential realized in film making. Considering all these matters and more particularly to make cinema education an accessible plus essential medium of communication in our society, Cinema4Screen has been brought out by a group of CREATIVEPRENEUR in the Mumbai city. The creativepreneurs of Cinema4screen very proudly and rightfully breath with the thought “IN GROWING OTHERS

The director of Cinema4Screen Anshuman Choudhary is a media entrepreneur for more than two decades. He has collected a handsome amount of experiences in leading media corporates of our country but finally lands up in building youths in cinema. He has worked as dean and director of film institutes in Mumbai and has always been working towards the upliftment of young talents from small towns of India who bring an unlimited spirit of love for cinema. Cinema4Screen is his brainchild, takes its first move as an online platform for cinema education in the midst of Covid19 pandemic. It’s currently functioning on weekly basis through online lectures and workshops in basics in film-making. The lectures and workshops are taken by experienced film-makers and film educationists of our nation.

Weekends are also locked with a film screening, one kind of open mic forum. Screening is followed by discussion and question-answer sessions. Open mic platform also welcomes Cinema4screen members to put their individual voice on thoughts related to cinema and film-making. Cinema4screen is not just holding the respective members but also unfolding the wings to the rest of the world by creating a bigger stage in the form of a film festival of its own. The venue of the film festival is in Mumbai as of now. Cinema4screen has a film consultation department to cater to film-makers queries in making the film. The department of film consultation consists of proficient film-makers and film-educationist of industry. Filmmakers finding hurdle in any stage of a film can approach to the film consultation department.

Cinema4screen firmly drives on dreaming big to grow with others and with this principle the budding hub of creativepreneurs wishes to walk alongside cinephiles.

Cinema4screen head office is located in Mumbai but it has extended arms to different parts of the country by appointing regional directors. The regional directors are called CHAPTER DIRECTORS of each specific region responsible for developing film-related conducts in regional areas. The concept of chapter director is a quintessential side of cinema4screen as the very aim of cinema4screen is to touch the untouched. Each chapter director generates members in their respective regions and members have an open voice to express their thoughts on cinema discussion, screen their films and raise fund through Cinema4screen platform. Chapter directors including members have a voice to ideate, create and represent their filmy thoughts and cinema4screen is there to reach out to every possible direction in fulfilling the idea into creative reality.

All the cinema education talks through cinema4screen platform are free of cost welcoming equality and accessibility in cinema education. Cinema4screen strongly believe in one family, one community. To understand more about Cinema4screen and communicate please visit our website