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“Chilli Chicken”: A Film Set to Make History

"Chilli Chicken": A Film Set to Make History

“Chilli Chicken,” an upcoming Kannada film, is poised to make cinematic history. Based on true events, the film showcases India’s rich diversity through its compelling narrative and eclectic cast.

The story, deeply rooted in real-life incidents, reflects the vibrant tapestry of India’s cultural landscape. Produced by Deep Bhimajiyani and Sudha Nambair, who believed in the story’s beauty and truthfulness, “Chilli Chicken” is a testament to authentic storytelling.

Directed by Prateek Prajosh, who has nurtured this story since 2014 with Siddhanth Sundar & KAS, the film comes to life through a collaboration with Metanoia Studios. Prajosh’s vision and dedication have been pivotal in transforming the script into reality. The film’s diverse, pan-India crew further celebrates the inclusiveness of Indian cinema, bringing together talents from across the country to create a unified cinematic experience.

Making his debut is Manipuri actor Bijou Thaangjam, alongside a talented cast including Shrunga BV, Rini, NityaShri, Jhimpa Sangpo Bhutia, Hirock Sonowal, Victor Thoudam, and Tomthin Thokchom. This diverse ensemble promises powerful performances. The Non Kannadiga actors have put in significant effort to learn Kannada, guided by their dialect coach Bharat, ensuring their performances are both authentic and respectful of the local culture.

Set in Bangalore, the film captures the city’s essence, portraying it as a microcosm of India’s diversity. Shot in Kannada language to retain local flavor, the film authentically represents the region’s culture. Director of Photography Shrish Tomar’s expert cinematography vividly brings Bangalore’s dynamic spirit to life.

The trailer has already created a buzz, and “Chilli Chicken” is set to release on 21st June. This film is not just entertainment but a milestone in celebrating the inclusiveness and diversity of Indian cinema, portraying India’s multifaceted identity on the big screen.