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Cast ,Crew ,Synopsis of film Modi Ji Ki Beti releasing on 16th September 2022

Cast Crew Synopsis of film Modi Ji Ki Beti


Vikram Kochar
Avani Modi
Tarun Khanna
Kavita Ghai


Presenter – K Sera Sera
Director – Eddy Singh
Story, Screenplay, Dialogue – Avani Modi
Director of Photography – Subranshu Das
Editor – Parveen Angre
Sound Designer – Karthik Kulkarni & Aditya Yadav
Producers – Eddy Singh , AvaniModi
Co Producers – Pitobash Tripathy ,J.K Patel , Vishal Patel ,Paresh Dhamalia
Banner – AE Creatives
Music –
Lyrics –
Singers –
Media Planner – Dwapar Promoters
Length of film –


This is a story of an upcoming actress… who becomes a victim of the media and trapped in an unusual controversy created by an over smart journalist who purposely relates and projects her as the daughter of the country’s eminent and most important political personality. The media seems to have no more serious business than to focus on highlighting a series of stories on our heroine, who shot to fame overnight. Meanwhile, somewhere in Pakistan (POK), at a hard core terrorist training camp, two wanna -be dumb trainee terrorists BILAAL and TAUSIF proven as the dumbest people at the camp, with their silly mistakes leads them to regular humiliation. They are often made fun of at the terrorist camp. The humiliation urges both to do something hysterical which can glorify their name in history of terrorism.One fine day news breaks that our heroine is currently shooting for her movie in Kashmir.The two, obsessed with the idea to become glorified terror, make a master plan to kidnap ‘Hindustan Ki Beti’ who has shot to fame overnight, and which can be the trump card to mark their successful debut as terrorists and answer to their regular humiliation.The plan, the journey, starts for kidnapping, and surprisingly the ‘dumbos’ succeed in the most hilarious manner. These two are not dangerous, nor intelligent, but are just go lucky to achieve their target and even escape successfully.This Kidnapping becomes the most sensational news for both the countries.Both governments are under pressure to rescue this girl who is a namesake mistaken identity.Armies of both the countries get united. A brave gallantry army officer ‘OMAR SIDDIQUI’ is chosen to handle this special rescue operation.BILAAL and TAUSIF on a hilarious journey of kidnap, try to escape from everywhere as army and the rival terrorist gang chase them.The journey -a subtle satire takes us through a ‘Tom & Jerry’ relationship and yet alongside to the roots of terrorism and JEHAAD.How the innocent is misled for sake of religion in name JEHAAD and ISLAAM?