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Bollywood Couch in candid conversation with Yami Gautam!

Bollywood Couch founder Jutikaa Mahanta recently met gorgeous Yami Gautam in Vaizag during some conclave and here is the excerpt of their conversation:

  1. What made you to choose a film like Vicky Donor as your very first film? How do you choose films?

Vickey Donor was my first film in Bollywood. It happened during those days when I was full swing auditioning for films in Bollywood and traveling from office to office.

I am a girl from Chandigarh and did Regional films and was trying for a break into Bollywood. I never had expectation like ..aisa hona hai..waisa hona hai..etc…

So I was open, whatever it may be…even sperm donor will do..

When I first got the script, both my father and mother asked me about the content of the film… I only smiled and let the script on the table for them to read.

Both were like ohhh it is so cool…a new concept altogether…. And rest is history.

Yami Gautam

  1. Do you consider the scenario is changing in film industry these days?

With web series, it is changing. Its like what’s new thing are you creating? How you are engaging your audience?

I am in a way glad to be a part of a path-breaking film on a sperm donor. I am glad to play different roles in different films which are accepted by audience.

At the same time, I am also glad to work across all industry.


  1. How difficult it is to mould yourself from Tamil to Telegu and then to Hindi?

It is difficult …and it should be difficult. When I was new I used to be told that its v easy to work in south film, I just need to say A-B-C-D- but no…its extremely difficult.

When I was learning Malayali, I was rehashing day and night that I developed very high fever out of stress!

In-fact in south Indian industry things are much more organized than rest and hence expectation are higher from actors too. Director, DOP all are serious about their work so they expect that same seriousness from me and that made more nervous. But that seriousness made me pick up many languages. I am still learning my lines.


  1. Does content very from industry to industry?

Yes. Content is different in Regional than Hindi film. The same content in Regional film are well taken by audience but when it was made in Hindi it failed miserably. Action Jackson is a recent example.


  1. Is language a barrier?

Yes, it is.

I must know and understand my lines before delivering it. If I don’t understand what I am saying, how will I act or give my emotion!!

Language is quite a challenge for me but I do remarshal a lot and try to make it up.

Yami Gautam

  1. Film industry is welcoming Experimenting film- is it going to be the change?

As an actor I am a part of it, I never would have taken such character in my first film itself.

I think it’s a very good time for all of us associated with film industry. I work with full honesty, it seems to be the best time to work with the flux of the new writer, director. Audience sitting in the cinema hall can directly connect to the film- are this my story, are this my aunt’s story, are my uncle talks like him….

I am glad that the new writers and directors are trying their freedom to fullest.

There is no set rule that your film will work or not, but the idea is that as an audience I want to see good cinema, I am only concern with what I am taking back home!

As an actor I want to go out of my comfort zone. Gone are those days where audience wanted to see stars, they want to see actors!

  1. Your favourite film?



8.In which film you saw yourself acting?

Female version of Andhadhun, as I want to do the film.

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