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Bijay Anand: The spiritual actor behind ‘Adipurush’ and ‘Shershaah’

Bijay Anand: The spiritual actor behind 'Adipurush' and 'Shershaah'

Bijay Anand, as we all know is a man of many talents. Versatility truly runs in his DNA and that’s why, whatever he does, he’s known to do it with complete conviction. Apart from being a successful actor who has made his presence felt in various projects across different mediums, Bijay is also an Internationally-acclaimed Kundalini Yoga expert who has students all over the globe. Quite often, we see Bijay getting invited to different forums all over the globe to talk about the relevance of yoga, fitness, spirituality and well, he’s certainly one of the most learned individuals to do so. Although both professions are quite different from each other by the looks of it, Bijay still finds a way to integrate his spiritual prowess with his acting chops to together form a deadly combination. So, how does he actually manage to do it? What is it that even other actors from his fraternity can take cues from in this department? On being asked more about the same, Bijay Anand said and we quote,

“Well, the greatest way to incorporate spirituality and well-being in your life is by making it your very own instead of looking at it in a different superficial way. It has to be a part of your life. So for me, my fitness game is of top-notch importance and that’s why, I do everything that’s needed to be healthy, not just physically but also mentally. Also, it’s interconnected with my work. Having a spiritual approach towards my life gives me a sense of peace and calm that helps me bring out the best out of myself as an artiste. It helps my level of confidence, understanding and the ability to adapt. It keeps my focus right. My fitness game ensures that in a competitive space like ours, I don’t get tired despite stretching long hours of shoot. Because, I lead a disciplined life where I ensure I sleep well and never miss out on my workouts. My body and mind is henceforth trained and conditioned in such a way that automatically, it connects with my inner system to get the best out of me. That’s one of the biggest reasons I could pull off my roles in gigantic roles like Adipurush, Shershaah and Bade Miyan Chote Miyan. My approach in life has helped me a lot mentally to be in the right frame of mind. So, I truly believe that an actor shouldn’t just focus on his character or his craft. These are things that eventually blur the line of difference between success and super success. A healthy human being will always work better and do well because he is happy. You need to form a deeper connection with your body and mind to identify your true potential and I feel that only then can you outshine yourself as an actor. So, if at all I have to give a message to the other young actors, it would be to love your body and mind so much that you know it in and out. Focus on your health and well-being and it will play a huge role in your professional life as well in terms of longevity. That’s why, I am able to juggle between different walks of life and do multiple things.”

Well, kudos to Bijay Anand for spreading the right knowledge and awareness and no wonder, he’s a force to reckon with in this department. On the work front, Bijay Anand has other interesting projects happening at his end, the official announcements of which will happen soon as per the ideal timelines. Stay tuned for more updates.