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Home > Featured > Big names from the music industry “ B Praak, Afsana Khan, Saajz, and Jaani” come together to signup their wishes for D Sanz’s “Mashallah” by Photofit Music!

Big names from the music industry “ B Praak, Afsana Khan, Saajz, and Jaani” come together to signup their wishes for D Sanz’s “Mashallah” by Photofit Music!

D Sanz’s “Mashallah

Sometimes artists get cinematic with their music videos, whether they’re inspired by a movie or they just look like they should be one. Music videos boast cinematic charm, and most of the plot and structure elements usually serve as background to the music in question.

Music videos create a multi-dimensional experience. We are no longer just hearing; we are seeing too. At first, it was a new sensation, now it’s the only option for serious artists “You can listen to my song or you can listen and watch the video”. To be honest, you’d choose both.

When you watch a music video it’s a visual representation of the emotions attached. Photofit Music once again creates magic with its outstanding cinematic appeal “Mashallah” which is receiving unparalleled love from the audience. This new soulful song “ Mashallah” by Photofit Music has the voice of melodious D Sanz and he has also given the adorable lyrics of this love track. This latest love song features Kanchan Rai and D Sanz, directed by Rahi. Their love in this romantic song is beyond beauty.

The song is receiving immense love from the industry and artists like B Praak, Afsana Khan, Jaani, Ashok Mastie, Saajz, and others all of them have given in their wishes for the song and showed up their love of this love track “Mashallah” by Suresh Bhanushali and Photofit Music.

The producer Mr. Suresh Bhanushali, Photofit Music is truly overwhelmed with the response received from the audience, and with the wishes in the line, he expresses the details of the song and marks compliments for the artist, and congratulates the team.

Project Had Mr. Rajiv John Sauson states, “Having a music video boosts an artist’s visibility and exposure exponentially. You very rarely get millions of plays for just a song but you know that a great song with an amazing video will”. People want to see the song AND the video, they want to learn more about the artist based on the type of video they have.

“It is a special song, and the emotions attached with it are very raw and very pure,” adds Mr.Rajiv John Sauson, Photofit Music.

Explore the expression of love in this new song “ Mashallah” by Photofit Music Live the bond of everlasting love, a vow taken forever. Love tuning expresses it all, being convinced for her every mood beautifies the relationship even more. Well, we say this duo will surely give you a couple goals says Mr. Amit K Shiva, Photofit Music. It’s now time to relish yourself with this love melody “Mashallah” released by Photofit Music.

The producer Mr. Suresh Bhanushali at Photofit Music looks forward to taking Photo Music and all the newcomers to a whole new dimension of success. He also wants to surprise the audiences by giving them phenomenal content which leaves them with no option but to ask for more.

The expression of affection offers an unmatched love bond, as proven by the melody “Mashallah,” delivered by Photofit Music.

Further Mr. Rajiv John Sauson, states, “The preview is getting a lot of love from fans, who are appreciating their on-screen connection, and the song has a wonderful backdrop for this touching melody”.

The song will escalate your emotions and make you relive the soothing essence of love. Listen to #Mashallah now!