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Anubhav Mohanty Starrer’ Love In London’ Released

Ollywood superstar Anubhav Mohanty’s comeback movie Love in London is finally here. The movie was released Tuesday (June 13) in cinema halls across the state.

Fans of the actor finally saw him on the big scereen after four years in his new movie Love in London.

The makers organized a special premiere on June 13 at the Bhubaneswar-based S cinema hall, where the movie’s star cast was present.

The JB Films and Amara Studios presented Love in London, a romantic action thriller featuring Anubhav Mohanty (Prem), Swapna Priyadarsini (Sophie), and Somya Sachdeva (Shweta). The film was mostly shot in London and the interior parts of Odisha. The movie is directed by Tapas Sargharia.

A pre-release Raja celebration was organised earlier by makers at the city mall.

This movie will be the debut of both of its leading actresses. Earlier, the makers of the new Odia movie Love in London, JB Films & TV and Amara Studios LLP expressed their heartfelt grief and sympathy to the family members of the victims of the horrific and devastating Bahanaga Train Tragedy that took place on the June 2 evening.

They said that we are committing to support the affected victims’ families by contributing 10% of their profits from theatrical collection from the film “Love in London” to the Odisha Chief Minister Relief Fund, aimed at assisting in the tragedy’s aftermath.

The music direction of the movie was done by four music directors. Baidyanath Dash, Somesh Satpathy, Asad Nizam and Binay. Naveen Bhandari and J Barkha are the producer of the movie

Media Planner Pranay Jethi said that fans of Anubhav Mohanty will be excited to see him on screen after a long gap. It will be nothing short of a festival for his fans.