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Another VICTORY for MUM

Another VICTORY for MUM

Director Akash Mihani’s short film “MUM” is creating it’s magic all across the globe.

The heart-warming story is now all set to  spread love at the 10th Jaipur International Film Festival. The film has been nominated from among 2000+ entries of 100+ countries from 2017 and 2018 and will be showcased at the JIFF this year.

Recently, the “MUM” was also screened at the Mumbai Short Film Festival and there too it received massive response.

Talking about the amazing response that the film has been receiving, director Akash says, “It was quite heart whelming as the film got applauded 5 times in less than 13 minutes! Such applauses, specially from the audiences, is quite a rare sight to witness.”

Film’s sound designer, Subir Kumar Das says, “The “Audience Choice” Award is not far away from sight, which eventually turned into a reality at FSFF – Himachal Pradesh.”

Not only in India, “MUM” is also creating rage at the International grounds. Recently, the film has also been nominated in Cinemaway/Кіномаршрут- UKRAINE and “Red Corner Festival” – Sweden.

With such massive response from all across, it has become quiet evident that “MUM” is not only winning hearts but is proudly representing INDIA all around the world, influencing many with it’s simple, sweet and heart-warming tale.

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