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Anna Hazare’s tryst with Bollywood

Anna Hazare, respectable and Senior Social Worker famous in political world will now be seen in movie, BACHCHE KACHCHE SACHCHE releasing on2nd June 2017 pan India. Anna Hazare will be seen doing a cameo in the movie.

In the film, kids get confused between the difference of preaching and practice. Many questions bother them, and they spread the word through their friends. The idea that education is of no use, spreads like virus. From class to class, school to school, and town to town. They decide to quit on studies and choose endless holidays over school.

Panicked by the revolution, the government seeks the advise if Anna Hazare, a revolution specialist, on and off camera as well, who can understand the minds of other revolutionists better than anyone else. He appreciated the kids’ observations, and thanks them for enlightening all the citizens of India. At the same time he settles the confused minds of the kids.


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