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Anisha Victor shares throwback scuba diving pics from her trip to Andamans

Anisha Victor scuba diving pics

Actress Anisha Victor of Viacom Motion Pictures horror thriller ‘The House Next Door’ -fame seems to have a thing about water. Some time ago she stunned the whole unit of her Zee5 Goldie Behl-directed web series REJCTX, by discovering and introducing them to a waterfall in a university campus in Thailand. And now she has shared scuba diving pics from her pre-pandemic trip to the Andamans.

Gallivanting around the picturesque beaches with crystal clear water she seems to have had a laidback enjoyable vacation there, just in the nick of time before the pandemic struck the world. The underwater pics we got to hold off, have Anisha exploring plants and aquamarine life, including a SEA-SNAKE! Oooh!

But her island backwaters adventure did not end with that. Anisha informs us that while in the Andamans, apart from sea-diving, she often went for snorkelling and hiking around the pristine white beaches of Havelock Islands.

“The weather was pleasant and the winds felt silky,” she reminisces. “I was transported from the concrete jungles of Mumbai to a world of bliss. Good fun,” she chirps.

Anisha reveals that once the pandemic times are over, she plans to take out a few days and enrol in a diver course. “I was gonna do that last year, but the idea got postponed as I was continuously shooting for the two seasons of REJCTX,” she quips.

Nice, Anisha. Go for it! But make sure we get some more of your stunning underwater pictures. And girl, stay away from SNAKES!!