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Always open to challenges that comes in my way: Pallavi Bharti

Always open to challenges that comes in my way: Pallavi Bharti

One of the most renowned voice-over artists in India, Pallavi Bharti, started her career as an actor at the age of 2.5 years. Since then, she has been continuously excelling in every single job she does.  Beginning from an early age, she steadily settled on the choice of growing in the niche; this decision opened the golden doors in her career as more work and revenue started to pour in with all her efforts and perseverance.

Until now, she has worked with big names like NDTV, UTV Productions, ABP, BBC, NGC and others. Also, she has lent her voice to several main leads in English shows like X-Files, Sherlock Holmes, The Tudors etc.

With the sheer dedication towards her work, Pallavi believes that other than voicing, acting is something she enjoys to do. But indeed for her, extra points always go to ‘voicing’ as she stated very exuberantly: “Without a speck of doubt, I could call voicing as my first choice. I feel so amused with the way we emote just by our voice, and still the listener understands what we are trying to convey. On the other hand, acting offers an advantage of using body gestures, facial expressions etc to communicate the thoughts. So, comparatively acting is an easier task but still my personal favourite remains voicing.”

Pallavi never limits herself when it comes to experimentation. She believes to lead a life with a purpose and now that she is playing such a pivotal role in Star Plus’ show, Ikyawann, her journey has been beyond amazing. “Ikyawann is like my family now.. all good souls around..such lovely talented hard working people surrounding you makes you push and prove yourself harder to be better and newer at your job every day. I don’t act.. it all comes naturally now. The concept is amazing and the entire crew is my strength. We are X- men I believe”.

With such a humble attitude towards life, Pallavi is open to success and challenges that comes in the course of her journey. For her, success is something which is the result of efforts and the amount of perseverance you bid on, whereas setbacks are the new doors.  Elaborating further on this idea, Pallavi says,“I feel that I am still learning. In fact, everyone you meet is a teacher and there’s so much to learn from them. I want to do everything out there. I might fumble initially, but then that’s the beauty you know. You learn and move ahead. Especially, I want people to remember me for the person that I am, and want them to smile warmly when it comes to me and my work.”

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