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Adah Sharma shares her OOPS moment on the ramp. Video goes viral

Adah Sharma shares her OOPS moment on the ramp

Adah Sharma is one of the most versatile actresses of this generation. She proved her realistic acting skills with The Kerala Story and followed it up immediately with a comedy Sunflower season 2 and now she has come up with a powerful performance in Bastar The naxal story for which she is receiving rave reviews . But what is most surprising is that Adah is a completely different person on social media. Her on screen avatar is very serious but on social media she is hilarious.

Adah recently shared a video on her oops moment on the ramp. She even gave a hilarious voice over of music on it and said she was asked to not share the video. The video has Adah looking absolutely gorgeous strutting down the ramp but as she comes to head ramp fans run towards her to take selfies. The other models and the designer seem confused and after a few seconds they turn and walk back . Adah continues to pose for selfies with her fans. But it doesn’t stop there. Even more people start coming for selfies and then people jump up on the ramp. The video has bouncers trying to control the crowd but when they are unable to the organisers switched off the lights and Adah walks back.

When asked Adah she says , “Two girls came to take selfies , I thought it would be rude to just walk off so I stayed and then a lot of people came. It was unexpected but I was so touched . The people who came started narrating their favourite scenes in The Kerala story and how it made them feel so I didn’t know if I should pose or wait or speak. “.

Adah who had 4 releases in the last year , the Kerala story, Sunflower season 2, Commando and Bastar the naxal story will next be seen in an international film .