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Actress Luviena Lodh talks about her steamy kissing scene with Punit Bhatia in EORTV’s You Complete Me

Luviena Lodh steamy kissing scene with Punit Bhatia

EORTV’s latest offering is a web series called ‘You Complete Me’ features Luviena Lodh & Punit in lead roles. Directed by Deepak Pandey, the show is gearing up for a release. The show is set around a workspace and office culture that supports and hires people from the LGBTQ community.

You Complete Me also features a few bold scenes, where lead actors Luveina and Puneet get intimate. Actress Luviena spoke about her steamy intimate scene with her onscreen partner played by Puneet. She spoke as to how an actor has to go through some prep work and mind-chatter before filming such intimate sequences.

When asked if she was hesitant about intimate scenes in the show, she said, “It is all about preparation, in fact, these intimate scenes are on the contrary very technical in reality while shooting. I thank our Director Deepak Pandey ji for giving us that time and space to prepare and be in the moment. He really put both Punnet and me at ease and I think we managed pretty well. We’ll know how our chemistry looks once the audience watches it and gives us a verdict. At the end of the day, I am an actor and I am aware of my responsibilities as a performer in front of the camera.”

And while filming such intimate scenes, being surrounded by a safe and trustworthy crew is paramount for Luviena. “Our entire production team and crew was not only trustworthy but super helpful and kind too. Our director knew how he wanted the shot to be and we followed his guidelines to the T. The scene is aesthetically shot and discomfort definitely took a back seat as we shot with ease,” she elaborates.

Speaking about the show, actor Punit said, “What I loved about the story is that it is a progressive portrayal of the LGBTQ community and how the future will look like. The community is fighting for mainstream integration and this is what You Complete Me is showing. In artistic fields, we still see a lot many people from the community being employed but in hardcore corporate structure, it still is not very wide. True acceptance will come by only when we make the community part of the mainstream”.

The show aims at showcasing progressive content to its viewers through inclusion of all genders of the society. The cast recently shot for the promotions of their show. You Complete Me is slated to stream soon on EORTV.

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