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Actors Karan Aanand reveals how he’ll be managing shoot life and home post lockdown

Karan Aanand post lockdown

The ongoing lock-down due to the Coronavirus epidemic is now nearing an end. According to the announcement made by the Government of India, it has been said to open the lockdown gradually from the 8th of June. This epidemic has made us even more alert and busy with responsibilities that are yet to come. Along with the office, there has also been an increase in home related work. It has become necessary to follow the rules by taking care of the family with yourself. How will life unlock now? What challenges can be faced? Keeping all these things in mind, when we spoke to Bollywood actor Karan Aanand, he told how he is carefully preparing to meet the challenges while keeping the balance between his shooting life and home.

Actor Karan Aanand said “The most important thing that I feel is to become strong mentally. Then the rest of the things like masks, sanitizers are all secondary. If we are not mentally strong then we will live with fear, afraid to meet with someone, afraid to talk or afraid to go out. And if we control our minds about this epidemic, then we will be able to confidently handle the current situation. And at the same time, our mind will work correctly that what to do and what not to do. Like we do not have to join hands with anyone, maintain distance, stay away from the crowd. Also, cleanliness has to be important. According to me, the most important thing is that we have to be mentally strong by following the guidelines given by the government. Only then will we be able to face this situation firmly. ”

On the work front, His first Bollywood the movie was ‘Gunday’, followed by ‘Kick’, where his action scenes were much appreciated, But he truly received recognition for his spy-act in ‘Baby’. Recently, he had a cameo in Madhur Bhandarkar’s ‘Calendar Girls’.

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