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Actor Gaurav Sareen to spend New Year’s Eve in New York, shares sneak-peek into his routine

Gaurav Sareen to spend New Year's Eve in New York

Young and talented Bollywood actor Gaurav Sareen who’s gearing up for the release of his next film ‘Dashmi’ is on cloud nine and for all the right reasons. The actor who has a release in the first month of the new year is currently chilling and taking a bit of a break to rejuvenate himself before the hectic year coming forward. Yes that’s right.

The actor is all set to spend his New Year’s Eve in New York with his friends. Gaurav has been in the States for quite a few days now and even during Christmas, he had a gala time over there. So, with him being in the beautiful city of New York on the special day of New Year’s eve, what exactly does he have in mind and how is he going to celebrate? Well, the actor gives us a bit of sneak-peek into his plans and we love it already. He shares and we quote,

“Well, New York city is a beautiful place and I love coming here. Every time I come here, the city welcomes me with open arms. My upcoming movie Dashmi is set to release in January for which a hectic schedule of promotions and stuff begins in January in India. So, this time was the ideal time for me to get a bit of break and refreshment. I have my friends here and we are going to be having a gala time ringing in the new year together. To add to that, the dazzling lights and bustling energy of Times Square is an experience in itself during this time. The anticipation always runs high and all I can say is that the New year’s Eve at the symbolic center of New York city is a lot more than just a celebration. It’s a tradition in itself. Wishing all my fans and well-wishers a very Happy New year in advance and looking forward to your love and support for my film next year.”

Well, here’s hoping that Gaurav truly enjoys his time and experience in New York and may he shine with flying colours in the cinemas once his movie releases. Stay tuned for more updates.