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A new creative pool emerges from the 2nd Cinema4Screen Film Festival ’22.

2nd Cinema4Screen Film Festival 22

For a mere second year, and as the very first physical event (the inaugural year’s festival in 2021 was held online), it was a record. 371 films from 27 countries were entered for the 2nd Cinema4Screen Film Festival organized by Cinema4Screen Media on 22nd and 23rd April 2022.

The venue was the Prahladrai Dalmia Lions College, Mumbai. Out of 371 entries, 104 films were selected and broadcast. There were 18 categories in this film festival, in which the winning films were awarded.

Media professionals Rajdeep Sickder, Aparna Upadhyay, Subhash Chaturvedi, Ashish Kulkarni, Sampad Roy, Sunil Gawai, Subhashini Naikar and Kalpana Rathore were part of the jury. Festival Director Anshuman Choudhary, Amit Kumar, Kripa Ranjan Prasad, Dr. Sudipta Roy Chowdhury and the members of Dalmia College played important roles in making this film festival a huge success.

Due mention was made of the various sponsors, including Sony India, Soundideaz Academy, Fashion TV SOPA, ITV Gold, Parikh Worldwide Media, Jamshedpur Mirror and #MyIdentityMyPride by Mr Anshuman Choudhary.

The winners declared in various categories this year are as follows:
Best Short Film – National: “Lacchi – Dream Gives Strength to Live” (Satish B. Dhutadmal) & Grajhya – To Embrace (Tridip Kakoty)
Best Short Film—International: My Mother’s Voice (Mourad Hamla from Algeria) & 3Some (Ahmed Zaraket from Lebanon)
Best Documentary: Bhumchu— The Drops of Eternal Life (Abanti Sinha) & Silent Emergency (Nitin V. Ganorkar)
Best Director: Sham Raut (Ittar) & Arun Pandari (Mary Magdalene)
Best Actor (Female): Sneha Ullal (Bhranti)
Best Actor (Male): Arghadeep Borua (Grajhya—To Embrace) & Bharat Shirsat (Ittar)
Best Supporting Actor (Male): Jayant Gadekar (Gajra)
Best Supporting Actor (Female): Dr. Bindu Jaiswal (The Monkey’s Paw)
Best Mixing & Sound Design: Debajit Gayan (Grajhya—To Embrace)
Best Music: Ashraf Manjeri (Malala Weeps Corona Go)
Best Editor: Jishnu Sen (The Monkey’s Paw)
Best Camera: Ajith Vishnu (Chettan)
Best Screenplay: Sreekanth S. (Mary Magdalene)
Best Visual Effects: Rahul Acharya (Ascension)

Satish B. Dhutadmal, who was present among the above winners, thanked everyone who had selected his film for the honor, insisted on sharing the honor with his team members and explained how everything was done on a strict budget with his technicians doubling up as actors to create a simple film.

The jury members and associates of the festival harped on the creative talents of the young generation and hoped that the young generation, especially the Mass Media students, would soon match and eclipse the standard seen in the selected films.