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A Band of Boys creates history by a live recording from home

Yaari song A Band of Boys

Making optimum use of the lockdown, the 90s most popular band ‘A Band of Boys’ has composed and released a song straight from their homes. Titled Yaari, the first of its kind song, is the band’s contribution to lifting up everyone’s spirits, to communicate that it’s possible to stay indoors and to let creativity thrive.

Throwing light on how did the idea came into being, Karan Oberoi, lead vocalist of the band said, “The idea came to us while chatting about the fears that surround us in the time of corona and how much it has unsettled everyone.”

“Innovation is the need of the hour and in such times music can really add the healing touch,” he feels.

Yaari Song A Band of Boys

Speaking of how cumbersome the process of recording the song outside a studio (from each one’s home) was, Karan, says, “It was difficult and complex because of the general lag in transmission. Each one of us (the band members) had to recalibrate the timing to not go off sync and miss the rhythm. We had to rehearse day and night to get the desired output.”

“Recording a song like that made us admire the yesteryear singers and musicians who performed like that without the option of a second take. I felt good having been able to pull it off,” he added.

‘Yaari’ is composed by Chin2 Bhosle and penned by Karan himself.

Karan also tells about what this song holds for the audience. He states, “It’s real and raw. It’s a song about friendship and about staying positive through difficult times. Yaari is an ode to the indomitable human spirit.”